setWinInfo ?-w win? option value ?option value...?
Set properties of document windows. The available options are:
bindtagslist of bind tags
coloringis syntax coloring enabled
colortagslist of color tags
continuousSpellCheckingis continuous spell checking enabled (0|1)
dashSubstitutionis automatic dash substitution enabled (0|1)
dataDetectionis automatic data detection enabled (0|1)
dirtydirty state of the window (0|1)
encodingwindow's encoding
fontwindow's font (specified as a dictionary)
grammarCheckingis grammar checking enabled (0|1)
hasSpuriouswindow has inconsistent end of lines (0|1)
incrementalSearchingis incremental searching in FindBar enabled (0|1)
lineNumbersdisplay the left margin with line numbers (0|1)
linkDetectionautomatic detection of hyperlinks (0|1)
needsWrapwindow has lines longer than needsWrapColumn preference (0|1)
platformkind of end-of-line symbols. Possible values: macintosh, unix, windows.
quoteSubstitutionis automatic quotation mark substitution enabled (0|1)
readOnlyis the window in read-only mode (0|1)
recordStateremember the window's state (0|1)
shellis the window in shell mode (0|1)
showInvisiblesdisplay invisible characters (0|1)
smartInsertDeletesmart insertion of space around words (0|1)
spellingCorrectionspelling correction (0|1)
spinis the spinning progress indicator visible (0|1)
tabsizesize of tabulations
textReplacementis automatic text replacement enabled (0|1)
undois the undo manager enabled (0|1)
wordbreakword break regular expression
wrapapply soft wrapping (0|1)