prompt ?-w <win>? ?-width num? ?-lines num? ?-title str? ?--? ?message? ?default? ?menuitem*?
Display a dialog to the user with a message string and an editable field. The default argument specifies a default string for the editable field. If menuitem arguments are specified, the edit field is a combobox containing these items: selection of an item from the popup list inserts it into the editable field. The command returns the value of the editable item. If the Cancel button is selected, the command raises an error. The
-width option lets specify the width in pixels of the dialog window. The -lines option lets specify the number of lines of the edit text (but it is ignored in the case of a combobox). The -title option specifies a title to display in the title bar of the window. The size of the dialog is automatically adjusted to the dimensions of the message string. The -- option indicates the end of the options.
If the -w option is specified, the dialog is run as a sheet attached to the corresponding window. Otherwise, the prompt is displayed as a modal dialog.