openWindow ?-name str? ?-attributes num? ?-encoding name? ?-geom {l b w h}? ?-text str? ?-bar token? ?-adjust (0|1)? ?-wrap (0|1)?
Open a new window not related to a file on disk. The
-name option specifies the title of the window.
-geom option specifies the position and size of the window: its value is a list of four numbers corresponding respectively to the x-coord and y-coord of the bottom left corner in screen coordinates and the width and height.
-adjust option is used to automatically adjust the geometry of the window to the screen dimensions. The default value is given by the global preference Force Main Screen.
-bar option specifies the token of a toolbar to insert at the top of the window (see the [toolbar] command).
The -wrap option is used to specify soft wrapping: by default, a document is opened without text wrapping.
-encoding option specifies the encoding of the new window: this is the encoding which will be used when the window is saved. Its default value is given by the outputEncoding preference.
-attributes option controls window and text properties. Its value is a sum of flags with the following meaning:
DescriptionDecimal valuePower of 2
No Toolbar1(1 << 0)
No Dirty State2(1 << 1)
No Vcs Popup4(1 << 2)
No Parse Popup8(1 << 3)
No Marks Popup16(1 << 4)
No Split Handle32(1 << 5)
No Message Bar64(1 << 6)
No Vertical Scrollbar128(1 << 7)
No Horizontal Scrollbar256(1 << 8)
No Close Button512(1 << 9)
No Collapse Button1024(1 << 10)
No Zoom Button2048(1 << 11)
Not Resizable4096(1 << 12)
No Path Control8192(1 << 13)
No Line Numbers16384(1 << 14)
No Coloring32768(1 << 15)
Show Invisibles65536(1 << 16)
Link Detection131072(1 << 17)
Dash Substitution262144(1 << 18)
Data Detection524288(1 << 19)
Quote Substitution1048576(1 << 20)
Text Replacement2097152(1 << 21)
Spelling Correction4194304(1 << 22)
Continuous Spell Checking8388608(1 << 23)
Grammar Checking16777216(1 << 24)
Incremental Searching33554432(1 << 25)
Smart Insert Delete67108864(1 << 26)
By default, the attributes are set to 0.