getFontInfo font ?option?
If an option is specified, return the value for this option. Otherwise return a dictionary of key/value pairs for all the possible options. The currently available options are:
angleamount that the font is slanted in degrees counterclockwise from the vertical
ascendertop y-coordinate, offset from the baseline, of the longest ascender
boundRectunion of the bounding rectangles of every glyph in the font
capHeightcap height of the font
countnumber of glyphs in the font
descenderbottom y coordinate, offset from the baseline, of the longest descender
displayNamename, including family and face, localized for the user's language
familyfamily name
fixedindicates if the font has fixed size
leadingleading of the font
maxAdvancemaximum advancement
namename of the font
renderingrendering mode
sizepoint size of the font
xHeightx-height of the font
The rendering mode returned by the rendering option can have one of the following values:
2Integer Advancements
3Antialiased Integer Advancements