getFile ?-w win? ?-prompt string? ?-types typeslist? ?-multi (0|1)? ?-openPackages (0|1)? ?-showInvisibleFiles (0|1)? ?-view token? ?--? ?path?
Display a Get File navigation dialog and return the full path name of the selected file(s), or an error if the Cancel button was selected. The optional path argument specifies a directory to open the panel in.
-prompt option specifies a line of text to display in the dialog. The -multi option allows to select multiple files at a time. The -openPackages option specifies whether bundled applications should be seen as folders (to make their contents accessible) or not. The -showInvisibleFiles option specifies whether invisible files should be listed in the dialog. The -types option specifies a list of the file types the user can save the file as: a file type can be a common file extension, or a UTI. The -view option specifies an accessory view: its value is a token obtained with [view create]. The -- parameter indicates the end of the options.
If the -w option is specified, the dialog is displayed in a sheet window attached to the window designated by the win argument. Otherwise, it is displayed as a modal dialog.