dumpObj ?-f (m|m/n)? ?-S? ?-t? ?-U? vars...
Write the contents of the Tcl_Obj (in memory) corresponding to the specified variables. This command writes the stored UTF-16 bytes (in hexadecimal) and the corresponding string representation (in UTF-8 hexadecimal or in ascii) of all the Tcl_Obj's corresponding to the specified arguments.
The options have the following meaning:
-fformat of hexadecimal string
-Sno UTF-16 representation
-Uno UTF-8 representation
-tadd text representation
--end of options

The value of the
-f option can take the form m or m/n where m is the number of blocks per row and n is the number of characters per block.
Specifying both -S and -U implies the -t option.
This command is useful only for low-level debugging. Here are a few examples displaying the contents of two variables named var1 and var2:
    dumpObj $var1 $var2
    dumpObj -S -U -- $var1 $var2
    dumpObj -f 16/2 -t -S -- $var1 $var2