Core commands status

This section indicates the status of the reimplementation of the Alpha core Tcl commands.
Name Status
Bind obsoleted
Menu obsoleted
abbrev obsoleted
abbreviateText done
abortEm obsoleted -> replaced by [status abort]
addHelpMenu obsoleted
addMenuItem obsoleted
alert done
alertnote done
alpha::blink obsoleted -> replaced by [blinkPos]
alpha::copyRegion obsoleted -> replaced by [text copy]
alpha::cutRegion obsoleted -> replaced by [text cut]
alpha::executeURL done (renamed executeURL)
alpha::pasteRegion obsoleted -> replaced by [text paste]
ascii obsoleted
backSpace done
backwardChar implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
backwardCharSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
backwardDeleteWord done
backwardWord done
backwardWordSelect done
balance done
beep done
beginningBufferSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
beginningLineSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
beginningOfBuffer implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
beginningOfLine implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
binding done
bindingList obsoleted
bringToFront done
buttonAlert done
capitalizeRegion obsoleted
capitalizeWord done
centerRedraw done
clearUndo done
colorTagKeywords obsoleted -> replaced by [modeColoring]
colorTriple obsoleted -> replaced by [colorRef pick]
coreKeyPrompt obsoleted -> replaced by [getKey -m -u]
createTMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark add -temp]
cvttime obsoleted. Can easily be implemented in AlphaTcl
deleteChar done
deleteMenuItem obsoleted
deleteModeBindings obsoleted
deleteSelection obsoleted -> replaced by [selection delete]
deleteText obsoleted -> replaced by [text delete]
deleteWord done
describeBinding obsoleted -> replaced by proc [binding::describe]
dialog obsoleted -> replaced by [view]
display obsoleted -> replaced by [displayPos]
displayEncoding obsoleted
displayMode done
displayPlatform done
downcaseWord done
dumpColors obsoleted
dumpObj done
enableMenuItem obsoleted (use [menuItem set])
endBufferSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
endLineSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
endOfBuffer implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
endOfLine implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
execAbbrev obsoleted
execute obsoleted -> replaced by [status execute]
floatIcon obsoleted (use the [view] command instead))
floatMenu done
forwardChar implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
forwardCharSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
forwardWord done
forwardWordSelect done
getChar obsoleted -> replaced by [getKey -c]
getColors obsoleted -> replaced by [getEscapes]
getDirectory done
getFile done
getFileInfo done
getGeometry done
getLocation done
getMainDevice done
getModifiers done
getNamedMarks obsoleted -> replaced by [mark list]
getPin done
getPos done
getPosOfMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark pos]
getPosOfTMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark pos -temp]
getScrap obsoleted -> replaced by [pasteboard read]
getSelect obsoleted -> replaced by [selection get]
getStandardFolder done
getTMarks obsoleted -> replaced by [mark list -temp]
getText obsoleted -> replaced by [text get]
getTextDimensions done
getVolume deprecated
getWinInfo done
goto done
gotoColumn done
gotoLine done
gotoMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark goto]
gotoTMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark goto -temp]
hiview renamed [view] -> done
icGetPref obsoleted
icOpen obsoleted
icon obsoleted -> replaced by [windowVisibility]
iconref obsoleted -> replaced by [imageRef]
insertAscii obsoleted -> replaced by [insertUnicode]
insertColorEscape renamed [insertEscapes] -> done
insertMenu obsoleted -> now defined in AlphaTcl in coreFixes.tcl
insertText obsoleted -> replaced by [text insert]
insertToTop implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
iterationCount obsoleted
keyAscii obsoleted -> replaced by [getKey -c]
keyCode obsoleted -> replaced by [getKey -k]
killLine implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
killWindow done
largestPrefix implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
lineStart obsoleted -> replaced by [linePos start]
linkVar done
listpick done
lookAt done
macro::__current obsoleted -> replaced by [macroRef script]
macro::__endRecording obsoleted -> replaced by [macroRef stopRecording]
macro::__startRecordingobsoleted -> replaced by [macroRef startRecording]
markMenuItem obsoleted
matchBrace implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
matchIt done
maxPos done
menuBar done
menuItem done
menuNames obsoleted
menuRef done
mousePos done
moveInsertionHere implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
moveWin done
mtime done
nameFromAppl obsoleted -> replaced by [getAppInfo path]
new renamed [openWindow] -> done
nextLine done
nextLineSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
nextLineStart obsoleted -> replaced by [linePos next]
now done
oneSpace implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
openFile done
openLine implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
pageBack done
pageForward done
pageSetup done
posToRowCol done
prefixChar renamed [prefixBinding] -> done
prevLineSelect implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
prevPos done
previousLine done
print done
progressBar done
prompt done
putScrap obsoleted -> replaced by [pasteboard write]
quit done
rectangularHiliteToPin implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
redo done
refresh done
regModeKeywords obsoleted -> replaced by [modeColoring]
regPrefixChar obsoleted -> replaced by [prefixBinding -infix]
removeColorEscapes renamed [removeEscapes] -> done
removeMenu obsoleted -> now defined in AlphaTcl in coreFixes.tcl
removeNamedMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark remove]
removeTMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark remove -temp]
renameMenuItem obsoleted
replaceText obsoleted -> replaced by [text replace]
responsiveness obsoleted
revert done
rowColToPos done
save done
saveAll done
saveAs done
saveResources obsoleted -> replaced by [resourceData]
scrollDownLine obsoleted -> replaced by [scroll down]
scrollLeftCol obsoleted -> replaced by [scroll left]
scrollRightCol obsoleted -> replaced by [scroll right]
scrollUpLine obsoleted -> replaced by [scroll up]
search done
selEnd done
selectText obsoleted -> replaced by [selection set]
setFileInfo done
setNamedMark obsoleted -> replaced by [mark add]
setPin done
setRGB obsoleted -> replaced by [colorRef create]
setTabSize implemented as proc in AlphaTcl
setWinInfo done
showFontPanel done
sizeWin done
specToPathName obsoleted
startEscape obsoleted
status::flash obsoleted
status::msg implemented as proc (see [status message])
statusPrompt obsoleted -> replaced by [status prompt]
switchTo done
tab obsoleted
ticks done
toolbar done
unBind obsoleted
unascii obsoleted
undo done
unicodeNormalize done
upcaseWord done
version obsoleted -> replaced by [getAppInfo version]
watchCursor obsoleted
winCurrent done
winNames done
winPane done
winStatus obsoleted
windowVisibility done
wins obsoleted
yank obsoleted
zapNonPrintables obsoleted

New Alpha commands

The following commands are new in Alpha:

Commands reimplemented in AlphaTcl

The following commands are not core commands anymore and are now implemented in the AlphaTcl library:


List of the AlphaX core commands

Here is, for the record, the list of the 230 core commands which were defined in AlphaX:
abbrev, abortEm, addHelpMenu, addMenuItem, alert, alpha::blink, alpha::copyRegion, alpha::cutRegion, alpha::executeURL, alpha::pasteRegion, backSpace, backwardChar, backwardCharSelect, backwardDeleteWord, backwardWord, backwardWordSelect, balance, beep, beginningBufferSelect, beginningLineSelect, beginningOfBuffer, beginningOfLine, Bind, binding, bindingList, bringToFront, buttonAlert, capitalizeRegion, capitalizeWord, centerRedraw, clearUndo, colorRegion, colorTagKeywords, colorTriple, coreKeyPrompt, createTMark, cvttime, deleteChar, deleteMenuItem, deleteModeBindings, deleteSelection, deleteText, deleteWord, describeBinding, display, displayEncoding, displayMode, displayPlatform, downcaseWord, dumpColors, dumpTclObj, enableMenuItem, endBufferSelect, endLineSelect, endOfBuffer, endOfLine, ensureTextWasColoured, exchangePointAndPin, execAbbrev, execute, floatIcon, floatMenu, forwardChar, forwardCharSelect, forwardWord, forwardWordSelect, getChar, getColors, getDirectory, getFile, getFileInfo, getGeometry, getLocation, getMainDevice, getModifiers, getNamedMarks, getPin, getPos, getPosOfMark, getPosOfTMark, getScrap, getSelect, getStandardFolder, getTMarks, getText, getVolume, getWinInfo, goto, gotoColumn, gotoLine, gotoMark, gotoTMark, hiliteToPin, hiliteToPrevious, hiview, icGetPref, icOpen, icon, iconref, insertAscii, insertColorEscape, insertMenu, insertText, insertToTop, iterationCount, keyAscii, keyCode, killLine, killWindow, largestPrefix, lineStart, linkVar, listpick, lookAt, mTime, macro::__current, macro::__endRecording, macro::__startRecording, markMenuItem, matchBrace, matchIt, maxPos, Menu, menuBar, menuItem, menuNames, menuRef, mousePos, moveInsertionHere, moveWin, nameFromAppl, new, nextLine, nextLineSelect, nextLineStart, now, oneSpace, openFile, openLine, pageBack, pageForward, pageSetup, posToRowCol, prefixChar, prevLineSelect, prevPos, previousLine, print, printType, progressBar, prompt, putScrap, quit, rectangularHiliteToPin, redo, refresh, regModeKeywords, regPrefixChar, removeColorEscapes, removeMenu, removeNamedMark, removeTMark, renameMenuItem, replaceText, responsiveness, revert, rowColToPos, save, saveAll, saveAs, saveResources, scrollDownLine, scrollLeftCol, scrollRightCol, scrollUpLine, search, selEnd, selectText, setFileInfo, setNamedMark, setPin, setRGB, setTabSize, setWinInfo, sizeWin, specToPathName, startEscape, status::flash, status::msg, statusPrompt, switchTo, tab, ticks, toolbar, unbind, undo, unfloat, unicodeNormalize, upcaseWord, version, watchCursor, winCurrent, winNames, winPane, winStatus, windowVisibility, wins, yank, zapNonPrintables.