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The AlphaCocoa project is a complete rewriting of the Alpha text editor for Mac OS X based on the Cocoa framework. The previous version of this editor, named AlphaX and still available here, was based on the Carbon framework. This technology is now obsolete and modern development for OS X is done based on the Cocoa framework. This is the reason why Alpha needs to be rewritten from scratch.
AlphaCocoa is a new core basis to run the AlphaTcl library (see the AlphaTcl project at SourceForge). The AlphaTcl library is simultaneously updated in order to benefit from the new possibilities provided by the Cocoa model.
The AlphaCocoa project is an Open Source project. It is currently in an early development stage. This page is a first entry into the project. It is meant to provide information about the development progress and instructions to compile AlphaCocoa and all its components.


The AlphaCocoa project is an Open Source project hosted by SourceForge: AlphaCocoa project home.
No binary release is currently available. The latest state of the source code can be obtained from the Subversion repository with the following command :
    svn checkout http://svn.code.sf.net/p/alphacocoa/svn/trunk AlphaCocoa
You can also browse the Subversion repository here.

Compile from sources

Since AlphaCocoa is in an early development stage, no binary is officially provided yet but you can compile it from the sources. There are detailed instructions on the page Compiling AlphaCocoa.


The Commands Status page indicates the current implementation status of the core commands.
The Changed Commands page contains information about the changes which occurred in the AlphaCocoa core commands (compared to the AlphaX version). Some of them have become obsolete, some have a modified syntax, some remain unchanged. There are also new commands which did not exist in AlphaX. Not all the commands have been reimplemented yet, so this page is in constant evolution.
The Commands Reference page is the entry point to the complete reference concerning major core commands.

Bug reports

Bugs can be officially reported via the
Bug Tracker of the project.

Mailing lists

For any questions, problems, suggestions etc. about AlphaCocoa, you can use the alphacocoa-devel mailing list: click here to subscribe/unsubscribe.
To post a message to the list, send an e-mail to alphacocoa-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Alphacocoa-devel Archives.


AlphaCocoa also has a Wiki site for discussing ideas related to its development.

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